Ganesha Pendant

OM Pendant

Enlightenment Pendant

Il Onkar Pendant

Namam Pendant

Shiva Pendant

Intutition Pendant

Reiki Power Pendant

Dhamma Pendant

Communication Pendant

Lotus Pendant

Reiki Master Pendant

Now Pendant

Open-Heart Pendant

Zen Pendant

Breath Pendant

Vitality Pendant

Dhamma Pendant

Reiki Master Pendant

Namam Pendant

Creativity & Relationship Pendant

Labyrinth Pendant

SriChakra Pendant

Abundance Pendant


Ganesha Pendant


SriChakra Pendant


Now/Breath Pendant


Zen Pendant


Bringing Together of Spiritual and Healing Designs with Traditional Art

With EKAH products we honor and celebrate Gurus for bringing us these inspiring mantras and yantras from various spiritual traditions.

EKAH products are handcrafted by artisans using techniques that are thousands of years old. Each piece is handmade and takes 10 – 14 weeks to prepare.

By combining the inspiration of Gurus with the skills of great lacquer artisans, EKAH products will support you on your journey to the realization of love, peace, joy, and abundance.

We are Loved…

” The positive energies created by EKAH products help me in my Sadhana( meditations ) and keep me connected as I go through my day.
I meditate on the center dot for the SriChakra Pendant for my manifestations.”

- Hanita

“Love the beautiful colors of the chakra collection. My jaw dropped when I received my open heart pendant. It was honestly hard to choose. I have several already!

They are also so beautiful and stylish and wonderful part of my jewelry collection.”

- Petra


To create beautiful quality products for the seekers on the path of Truth, Love, Devotion and Oneness…
These are powerful tools that we can benefit from when we couple it with our practices.
I wish our journey to be beautiful…- Rima, Founder

Raise Your Energies: Pendants that Inspire Spirituality

EKAH : Your Spiritual Partner

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