About Us


I am an artist, yoga student/teacher and Reiki Master dedicated to self-healing and total wellness from the inside. I want to bring contemporary, unique, stylish and timeless understated pieces that silently raise our energies and serve as a reminder to our reality as we live consciously. It is important for me that each and every piece is designed and created with the intention to bring love, beauty and positive energies.

Like the people I design these products for, I am on the same journey and focus on creating products that support our inner journey inviting us to live in the NOW. I enjoy bringing together ancient knowledge of spirituality and beautiful ancient lacquer techniques while keeping style, uncompromising quality and good design in mind to be worn in the modern world. So many of us are on our secret journey towards abiding in our Self consciously!

My intention with these products is that may you have access to living with higher vibrations so you hear your hearts true desire! I invite you to raise your energies with style and love and let these products support you on your path towards finding out who you are, who you really are… journey from mind to the heart and to your Self! We are all connected and are EKAH (ONE).

With gratitude, for Oneness with you all,

Ps: Each item from EKAH is blessed with love before shipping to You and Yours.