Lotus Pendant

EKAH Pendant in traditional Japanese lacquer hardwood with gold and silver lotus
60mm diameter
3mm Japanese waxed cotton black adjustable string from 18’’ to 36’ long

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The exquisite lotus flower is associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. Many lotus stories indicate sublime reality. The lotus comes forth from mud and rises above the surface of the water to blossom. Water droplets do not penetrate the leaf of the lotus, instead the water simply falls off, rolls off, unaffected. Allow the transcendent beauty of this pendant to fill your heart with great joy.

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Lotus pendant is made in lacquered wood using MAKI-E technique. We photograph all products to provide accurate information on the colors and design details however colors may vary slightly from the actual product. As these products are individually prepared by accomplished artisans with decades of experience through multiple step process and many of these are handmade processes please expect piece to piece product variations. Each piece is beautifully one of a kind. EKAH pendants are for people pursuing spirituality elegantly and in style.



Product care


Keep it away from sharp pointed or hard objects to prevent scratches clean with soft cloth to remove finger prints and smudges.


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